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Hospital Information: Inpatient Cost to Charge Ratios
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Hospital NameCCRFinal
ATLANTIC CITY MED CT 0.173166851.035957.420.00%15.00%
BAYONNE HOSPITAL CENTER 0.066075957.425957.420.00%0.00%
BAYSHORE MEDICAL CTR 0.213055957.425957.420.00%0.00%
BERGEN NEW BRIDGE MED CTR 0.321987446.785957.4215.00%10.00%
CAPE REGIONAL MEDICAL CTR 0.227785957.425957.420.00%0.00%
CAPITAL HEALTH SYSTEM FULD 0.050836553.165957.4210.00%0.00%
CAPITAL HLTH MED CTR HOPEWELL0.062716553.165957.420.00%10.00%
CENTRA STATE MEDICAL CENTER 0.267465957.425957.420.00%0.00%
CHILTON MEDICAL CENTER 0.168675957.425957.420.00%0.00%
CHRIST HOSPITAL 0.086817446.785957.4215.00%10.00%
CLARA MAASS MEDICAL CTR 0.186687148.905957.4210.00%10.00%
COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTER 0.176305957.425957.420.00%0.00%
COOPER HOSPITAL UMC 0.206757148.905957.4210.00%10.00%
COOPERMAN BARNABAS MEDICALCTR0.210025957.425957.420.00%0.00%
DEBORAH HEART AND LUNG 0.161725957.425957.420.00%0.00%
EAST ORANGE GENERAL HOSPITAL 0.225236553.165957.420.00%0.00%
ENGLEWOOD HOSPITAL AND MEDICA0.149185957.425957.420.00%0.00%
HACKENSACK MEDICAL CENTER 0.252496553.165957.420.00%10.00%
HACKENSACK UMC @ PASCACK VLY 0.243905957.425957.420.00%0.00%
HACKENSACK UMC MOUNTAINSIDE 0.194735957.425957.420.00%0.00%
HACKETTSTOWN MEDICAL CTR 0.121825957.425957.420.00%0.00%
HOBOKEN HOSPITAL CENTER 0.082566851.035957.4215.00%0.00%
HOLY NAME MEDICAL CTR 0.257855957.425957.420.00%0.00%
HUDSON REGIONAL HOSPITAL 0.113555957.425957.420.00%0.00%
HUNTERDON MED CTR 0.330185957.425957.420.00%0.00%
INSPIRA MED CTR MULLICA HILL 0.207085957.425957.420.00%0.00%
INSPIRA MED CTR./VINELAND 0.184226851.035957.420.00%15.00%
INSPIRA MEDICAL CENTER/ELMER 0.207085957.425957.420.00%0.00%
JERSEY CITY MEDICAL CENTER 0.169527446.785957.4210.00%15.00%
JERSEY SHORE UNIVERSITY MEDIC0.204556851.035957.420.00%15.00%
JFK UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CTR 0.192726553.165957.420.00%0.00%
KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 0.162306553.165957.420.00%10.00%
MONMOUTH MED CTR SOUTHERN 0.154667148.905957.4210.00%10.00%
MONMOUTH MEDICAL CTR 0.223987446.785957.4210.00%15.00%
MORRISTOWN MEDICAL CENTER 0.173986553.165957.420.00%10.00%
NEWARK BETH ISRAEL MED CTR 0.183047744.655957.4215.00%15.00%
NEWTON MEDICAL CENTER 0.082365957.425957.420.00%0.00%
OCEAN MEDICAL CENTER 0.206305957.425957.420.00%0.00%
OUR LADY OF LOURDES 0.154165957.425957.420.00%0.00%
OVERLOOK MEDICAL CENTER 0.174415957.425957.420.00%0.00%
PALISADES MEDICAL CENTER 0.244626553.165957.420.00%10.00%
PENN MED PRINCETON MED CTR 0.235676553.165957.420.00%10.00%
RARITAN BAY MED CTR -OLD BRID0.239785957.425957.420.00%0.00%
RARITAN BAY MED CTR PERTH AMB0.239785957.425957.420.00%0.00%
RIVERVIEW MEDICAL CENTER 0.214925957.425957.420.00%0.00%
RW JOHNSON UNIV HOSP 0.185256553.165957.420.00%10.00%
RWJ UNIV HOSP AT HAMILTON 0.153395957.425957.420.00%0.00%
RWJ UNIV HOSP AT RAHWAY 0.139035957.425957.420.00%0.00%
RWJ UNIV HOSP SOMERSET 0.152175957.425957.420.00%0.00%
SAINT CLARES HOSPITAL 0.181386553.165957.420.00%10.00%
SALEM MEDICAL CENTER 0.212955957.425957.420.00%0.00%
SHORE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 0.203335957.425957.420.00%0.00%
SOUTHERN OCEAN MEDICAL CTR 0.200125957.425957.420.00%0.00%
ST CLARES HOSP DOVER GENERAL 0.181386553.165957.420.00%10.00%
ST FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER 0.171616553.165957.4210.00%0.00%
ST JOSEPHS HOSPITAL 0.169527446.785957.4210.00%15.00%
ST LUKES WARREN HOSPITAL 0.122475957.425957.420.00%0.00%
ST MARYS HOSPITAL 0.199565957.425957.420.00%0.00%
ST PETERS UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL0.118376553.165957.420.00%10.00%
ST. MICHAEL'SMEDICAL CENTER 0.243336553.165957.4210.00%0.00%
THE VALLEY HOSP 0.239165957.425957.420.00%0.00%
TRINITAS REGIONAL MEDICAL CTR0.173627744.655957.4215.00%15.00%
UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 0.237507744.655957.4215.00%15.00%
VIRTUA HEALTH SYSTEM/MARLTON 0.169555957.425957.420.00%0.00%
VIRTUA MOUNT HOLLY HOSPITAL 0.158295957.425957.420.00%0.00%
VIRTUA WILLINGBORO HOSPITAL 0.157836553.165957.420.00%10.00%
Hospital Name Closed InpatientCCRFinal
Closed Date
BAYSHORE COMM HOSP 0.162034691.964691.960.00%0.00%2013
BAYSHORE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 0.158615344.845344.840.00%0.00%2018
CHILTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 0.181864809.264809.260.00%0.00%2014
CHRIST HOSPITAL 0.130635161.164691.960.00%10.00%2012
EAST ORANGE GEN HOSPITAL 0.225236553.165957.4210.00%0.00%2022
EAST ORANGE GENL HSP 0.143606081.005067.5010.00%10.00%2016
HACKENSACK MERIDIAN HLTH INC 0.168455499.845499.840.00%0.00%2018
HACKETTSTOWN COMM HOSPITAL 0.136305499.845499.840.00%0.00%2018
INSPIRA MEDICAL CTR.,WOODBURY0.225595800.805800.800.00%0.00%2019
JERSEY SHORE MED CTR 0.179256324.825499.8415.00%0.00%2018
JFK MEDICAL CTR BUS OFF 0.192726553.165957.420.00%10.00%2021
MEADOWLANDS HOSP MED CTR 0.147305499.845499.840.00%0.00%2018
MEMORIAL HOSP SALEM CNTY 0.159575499.845499.840.00%0.00%2019
MONMOUTH MEDICAL SOUTH 0.152725938.484948.7310.00%10.00%2014
MOUNTAINSIDE HOSPITAL 0.210274691.964691.960.00%0.00%2012
OCEAN MEDICAL CENTER 0.170015499.845499.840.00%0.00%2018
RARITAN BAY MED CTR 0.202725499.845499.840.00%0.00%2018
RIVERVIEW MEDICAL CENTER 0.189516049.825499.8410.00%0.00%2018
SOMERSET MEDICAL CTR 0.122594809.264809.260.00%0.00%2014
SOUTHERN OCEAN CO HOSPITAL 0.191044691.964691.960.00%0.00%2013
SOUTHERN OCEAN MEDICAL CTR 0.170975499.845499.840.00%0.00%2018
ST CLARE'S HOSP DENVILLE 0.208545443.604948.7310.00%0.00%2015
ST CLARE'S HOSPITAL/SUSSEX 0.208314691.964691.960.00%0.00%2012
ST MARYS HOSP/PASSAIC 0.175224809.264809.260.00%0.00%2014
ST MICHAELS MED CENTER 0.327565067.505067.500.00%0.00%2016
WARREN HOSPITAL 0.141954691.964691.960.00%0.00%2012